My New Bullet Journal Set-Up

Today I’m sharing my new Bullet Journal Set-Up with you. I’ve recently set up and migrated to a new BuJo and I thought you might like a peek at how I’ve set it up and the spreads I use to stay organised and inspired.
I’ve created this blog post in conjunction with a video which I’ve posted on IGTV – if you haven’t seen it please come over to my IGTV account to watch it.

My Bullet Journal History

I’ve been using a Bullet Journal for years. I’ve been using my own interpretation of the Ryder Carroll version since around 2014. And before that I had my own version. You can read more about how I was Bullet Journalling before it was cool here.

My new Bullet Journal set-up. Image shows my Flying Tiger Journal, 2 pens, a dragonfly ornament and a Find the Good Everyday sticker.

So let’s dive in to my New Bullet Journal Set-Up

My new Bullet Journal (and the one before this) are from Flying Tiger. I think they cost around £5 each and they are A5 dot grid style. I’m really pleased with the quality – especially for the price. (Side note – Flying Tiger could be considered dangerous – I don’t think I’ve ever come out of there having bought nothing!)

Forward Planning
New Bullet Journal set-up - my index and year at a glance pages

Right at the start I have an Index and a Year at a Glance page. Because this journal runs from 1st July my year at a glance covers July 2019 through to June 2020.

New BuJo set-up - my Future Log spread

Next up comes my Future Log. The page is split into squares with space for each month to note down annual events such as birthdays, anniversaries and school term dates. I also add any future appointments here and reminders for things like car tax and service and insurances coming up for renewal. I colour code so I can easily see what is what. And I refer to this page each month when setting up my monthly calendar spread.

Keeping Track of Projects
New BuJo set-up - my 37 things aged 37 project tracker

Following on from my Future Log is my 37 Things Aged 37 tracker. This is where I can keep a tally or note of things I’m working on for the list and tick items as they are complete.

And then I have a double page spread noting down the weekly, daily and Friday focus jobs for The Organised Mum Method. I wrote a post about this earlier in the year. It’s good to have a look at this page when I have a spare 5 minutes and want to get something done to help keep the house clean and tidy.

New BuJo set-up - 2019 words - choosing monthly themes rather than a word for the year

Next it’s a double spread for my 2019 Words. I recently blogged about Choosing Monthly Theme Words or Mantras and this is where I keep track of which ones I’ve picked and why as well as any notes and observations for each one.

Yoga and Other Trackers

After that I’ve got my 2019 Yoga Tracker. I’ve been doing Yoga (&/or meditation) daily since 1st January 2017 and I’ve blogged about Building a Daily Yoga Practice. On this page I keep a track of the total minutes I practice each month, my daily average across the month and my running total for the year. This helps me see progress towards my 2 yoga goals this year:

  • I want to reach 1000 consecutive days of yoga (& meditation)
  • I want to practice 100 hours of yoga in 2019 (which is a daily average of 16.43 mins)
New BuJo set-up - my annual yoga tracker and FTGE stats page

Adjacent to that is my Find the Good Everyday Stats page. This is fairly simple. I use it to keep track of subscribers for blog posts and my monthly newsletter, my Instagram followers and Facebook Page likes. I’ve got room to note the numbers at the end of 2018 so I’ll be able to see my growth throughout 2019.

Here are the links if you’d like to subscribe or follow me in any of these places:

Book related spreads

I’ve also got 2 double spreads relating to books I’ve read and covered in my Reading Rituals posts this year. I have a list of action points from Fast Draft Your Memoir by Rachael Herron which I can refer to when I’m working on my memoir. And I’ve noted down activities for the 4 pillars that Dr Rangan Chatterjee talks about in his book – The 4 Pillar Plan. I find it useful to keep spreads like this in my BuJo as reminders of what I’ve learnt when reading particular books.

Tracking Goals and Reviewing Progress

After those is a page detailing my current Half Term Goals – as mentioned in my IGTV video I’m planning to blog about this with some examples in September.

And my final page before I start my July monthly pages is my Quarter Review. This is a very simplified version where I am noting down what has worked and what hasn’t in Q2 (April, May and June) as well as what’s new and what I need to consider for Q3 (July, August, September). If you’re considering doing a Quarterly Review please check out my post which has some more suggestions for things to look at.


I’ve planning to upload another shorter video up on IGTV showing the set-up of my monthly pages for July so please head over there if you’d like to see that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my new Bullet Journal set-up. I’d love to hear if you prefer reading the blog post or watching the video. And if you have any great ideas for BuJo spreads that help you Find the Good Everyday please do let me know in the comments below.