My Quarterly Writing Diary – June 2019

Welcome to my Quarterly Writing Diary. Today I’m sharing a review of Quarter 2 (April, May, June) and my goals for Quarter 3. You can see my first Writing Diary from March here.

Quarterly Writing Diary - June 2019

Review of Quarter 2 (April, May and June 2019)

Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (during April) to get a good chunk of the new draft of the memoir written

I didn’t do this. I scheduled time in during April on several occasions but I let life and other projects get in the way and didn’t get any words written for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s easy to see now that I’d over-extended myself with FTG30, regular blogging and life in general. I was disappointed but I made the call to let this one go.

Get the new draft of the memoir completed and start revisions

I was hoping Camp NaNoWriMo would help me here. And because I didn’t do anything for Camp NaNoWriMo it meant I did no work on the memoir throughout April and that trickled through into May and June. I get frustrated with myself for putting this project down for months on end. But I find it quite overwhelming – it’s my story and it means everything to me and I think I put too much pressure on myself as a result.

Release FTG30 into the wild

I did this and I’m really proud of it. I really enjoyed sharing the prompts daily on Instagram and also on the blog. It was great to see people joining along and I’m considering turning it into some kind of workbook for people to download.

Blog at least weekly and send monthly newsletters

I’ve kept up with regular blog posts and newsletters which makes me happy.

Read at least one book on writing

I really thought I’d done this but when I look back through my Goodreads the last writing book I read was Fast Draft Your Memoir. Perhaps I should pick one now to read!

Start looking at courses for writers for later in the year

I’m booked into 2 writing workshops at the Felixstowe Book Festival this coming weekend. This makes me feel nervous and excited all at once! Also I’m going to see Danielle La Porte (author of The Desire Map) in July which I’m hoping will be inspiring but it’s not specific to writers.

My Quarterly Writing Diary – What I’ve Been Learning About Writing

  • Monthly Writers Group – I’ve been attending my monthly local writers group when I can and I’ve found another group locally that I am keen to try.
  • Grow and Glow – I’ve signed up as a member of an online creatives community with lots of resources and monthly lessons. I’m just starting to get stuck in and have my notebook at the ready! I may share more on this soon. I’m hoping to improve the blog and “my online presence” (does that sound a bit naff?!) as well as get to know other creatives.

My Quarterly Writing Diary – Goals for Quarter 3

Looking forward to July, August and September I’d like to…

  • Blog at least weekly and send monthly newsletters (this will require some planning with the school holidays and some travel planned)
  • Get the memoir completed (this might be a tall ask with 7 weeks of school holidays in this quarter!)
  • Research potential publishers for the memoir and how to write a proposal
  • Send proposal to at least one publisher regarding the memoir (eeek!)
  • Read a book on writing
  • Take part in Grow & Glow community – commit time weekly to work through resources and complete action items.
  • Keep looking at courses for writers and other learning opportunities

So that’s my latest Quarterly Writing Diary. If you’re a writer I’d love to know what you’re working on right now or if you have any useful tips to share!