My Top Slimming World Tips

I’ve been a member of Slimming World for almost 18 months and today I want to share my Top Slimming World Tips.

I’ve lost around 4 stone since joining and earlier this month I shared my Slimming World Story so far so be sure to read that if you haven’t already.

Throughout this post I’ve shared some photos of Slimming World friendly meals and treats I’ve been enjoying lately.  Do let me know if you want to know more about them.

My Top Slimming World Tips

Keep speed food on hand

I love fresh fruit and vegetables but it’s also great to have ‘speedy’ store cupboard staples and non-perishable speed food on hand for those times when you don’t make it to the shops. I’ve always got jars of pickles (beetroot, red cabbage, pickled onions, gherkins) on hand. I always have passata and tinned tomatoes in the cupboard and I always make sure I’ve got frozen speedy veg (spinach, chopped onion, green beans, brussels sprout) in the freezer. This means I’ve got no excuse not to have speed food with my meals.

Top Slimming World Tips Breakfast

Find sources of daily inspiration

I love my group and make a big effort to stay for IMAGE therapy as much as I can. I love the feeling of walking out afterwards with a plan in place and some tips and suggestions from other members to try. But sometimes a few days later my inspiration is waning. This is where more regular inspiration comes in. Our group has a Facebook page which I’ve joined. I also have a dedicated Slimming World Instagram account. I love to pop on often and scroll through for recipe and food ideas and see the amazing transformation photos.

SW Lunch Salad

Have a ‘Favourite Meal’ Plan

I’m definitely a meal planner and usually sit and plan out meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) each week at a time. I’ve been a meal planner for a long time and find it much easier to write a shopping list and get the groceries in when I know what we will be eating.
But sometimes I don’t want to come up with new recipes to try or work out the whole week…so I keep a list of my favourite, plan-friendly meals that can fill a week if need be.

SW Dinner Fish Cakes

Stick With It

I think it’s been proven that members who come each week and stay to group are more likely to succeed. I can see why that’s the case. There have been times when I know I’ve not followed the plan or had a wobble and convince myself I’ve gained lots of weight. But by showing up to weigh each week it draws a line in the sand so I can move on.
I was amazed to have only gained 2.5lbs after our week-long family holiday last year. I felt so much better once I’d weighed and stayed to group for some inspiration to get back on track.

Top Slimming World Tips Dessert

Track Your Food

When I am tracking the food going in my mouth I am much more successful at making healthier choices than when I don’t. I use the weekly food diary sheets that are available at group. And I carry it around with me during the day and try to write things down as I eat them. It’s so easy to forget otherwise. You can also buy special journals to track food or use a plain notebook.
Some people take photos of everything they eat (& post to instagram for extra outer accountability!). Taking photos is a great way to keep track if you don’t have your food diary handy!

SW Taster Cheesecake Bites

Celebrate Your Progress

I am a sucker for shiny weight loss stickers and certificates and love my growing collection! As well as the standard half-stone interval awards it’s also great to see a new “stone zone” (when you go down from a weight starting with a certain stone to a new one).
I take my measurements every few months and savour the moment when I get to buy a new dress size! Photos are great for comparison as well to see how far you’ve come.
As well as my member’s book where my weight is logged I also track my weight loss on the Slimming World app and in a tracker in my Bullet Journal as well. I don’t always have my book with me so it’s handy to track progress in my bujo.

SW snack and coffee

Glossary for Non Slimming World Members!

  • IMAGE therapy – is the talk that happens after you weigh each week. It’s a great opportunity to get a plan in place for the week ahead. As well as pick up advice and recipe ideas from other members.
  • Shiny Stickers and Certificates – members get a new shiny sticker and certificate for each half stone they lose.
  • Speed Food – certain fruit and vegetables are considered “speed food” as they help your weight loss. Slimming World suggests at least 1/3 of your food is speed food.


I’m feeling more inspired now than I was a few weeks ago. I’ve even set myself some mini targets to work towards.
I’ll be sure to share other tips in the future.  I’d love to hear your top Slimming World tips or advice for making healthy food choices!

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