My Writing Diary – March 2019

I’ve decided to start a new feature here on the blog – my Writing Diary. I hope to post updates regularly…probably quarterly.

Helen Redfern’s weekly writing vlogs on YouTube have inspired me. I really enjoy seeing the insights into her writing projects as well as picking up tips. I’m now on the lookout for similar updates (videos or blog post) from other writers. If you know of any please do let me know.

I plan to share what I am working on, tools I’m using, what I’ve been learning and my writing goals.

My Writing Diary

My Writing Diary – March 2019

WIPs (Work in Progress)

  • Memoir – I’ve been working on a memoir based around the 11 years we spent in New Zealand, why we went in the first place and coming back to the UK. I started it just after we returned in August 2016. It’s gone in fits and starts so far. My word count is at 55,000 but I’ve been really struggling to revise it and move it on. Luckily I found a book that has helped (see Tools below). I am currently working on the outline and I’m planning to start again – adding in the relevant sections I’ve already written as I go.
  • FTG30 – I’ve been busy working on a month-long series for the blog and Instagram – Find the Good in Thirty Days. Each day will have a short activity to do in terms of feeling happier and/or healthier. I’ve really enjoyed planning out each day and the themes across the week. I’ll share more about this next week in advance of FTG30 starting on 1st April.
  • Weekly blog posts – I’ve been aiming to post to the blog weekly since the new year and it’s working well. This will increase a little in April with FTG30 (I am planning to post every 5 days).
  • Monthly FTGE newsletter – I aim to send the FTGE newsletter in the middle of each month. In this I share what I’ve been up to and an inspirational quote among other things. (Subscribers receive a free workbook to help Find the Good Everyday – if you’re keen to sign up you can do so here).

What I’ve Been Learning About Writing

  • Monthly Writers Group – I joined a local writers group last Autumn and try to get along each month. The usual format is a timed writing challenge (with a prompt) and then we take it in turns to share what we’ve come up with. It pushes me out of my comfort zone – with the prompts themselves and the sharing of my work and I enjoy listening to what the other members come up with.
  • Fast Draft Your Memoir – I want to read more books about the craft of writing. My most recent read was this one which I shared in my latest Reading Rituals post. This book is really helping me move my memoir forward.
  • I’d also love to add some courses (online or in person) into my learning throughout this year.

Tools I’m Using

  • Sharpies, post-it notes and index cards – these are my old faithfuls…I’ve used them for years for any sort of planning projects or studying. I’ve been using them a lot lately in the outline for my memoir. I also use little flag post-it’s to plan out my blog posts in my blog planner. I love the flexibility of switching things around plus bringing in my love of stationery always makes something more fun!
  • Scrivener – I’ve just downloaded Scrivener and signed up for the 30 day trial. It’s been recommended by a few people lately so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s writing software that helps you keep everything to do with your writing project (the research, photos, supporting documents, the outline and the actual draft) in one place. I’ve watched a few youtube tutorials and I’m working my way through the in-software tutorial as well. So far, so good – I’ve put my FTG30 project in there to work on as a practice run and hope to use it for my memoir new draft too.

Goals for Quarter 2

Looking forward to April, May and June I’d like to…

  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (during April) to get a good chunk of the new draft of the memoir written
  • Get the new draft of the memoir completed and start revisions
  • Release FTG30 into the wild
  • Blog at least weekly and send monthly newsletters
  • Read at least one book on writing
  • Start looking at courses for writers for later in the year


So that’s the first installment of My Writing Diary. If you’re a writer I’d love to know what you’re working on right now or if you have any useful tips to share!