Natural Choices – Body & Skincare

Today I want to share some of the Natural Choices I’ve been making with my body and skincare products.

Natural Choices - Body & Skincare

Back in December when I was thinking about how I wanted 2018 to look I scribbled a few things down on my list of intentions for the year. On this list I wrote “Natural Choices (where possible)” without giving too much thought to what I meant.

But something about that intention stuck in my head and I find myself thinking about it often. As a result I’ve slowly been trying out what I consider more ‘natural’ products around the home. As I finish up a product I start looking for an alternative that I consider more natural. I’ve also been looking at food and cleaning products but today I want to share some of the body & skincare choices I’ve made lately.

What does “Natural Choices” mean to me?

This is a tricky one as there are so many things to take into account. In terms of skincare I am trying to choose things that are not tested on animals (and against cruelty to animals) and ideally don’t contain parabens. I’d also like to choose things with less or no artificial ingredients. I am also noting if they are vegan (although I do eat meat).

When I lived in New Zealand I was a fan of a local business that promoted natural skin and body care. I even went to a couple of workshops there to have a go at making my own creams and lotions. They have some great information on their site about “What is Natural?” . I have their “10 Nasties to Avoid” card somewhere and must dig it out to refer to!

Lush also have an article about Parabens on their site if you want to read their take on it.

Natural Choices in Body & Skincare

Natural Choices - Skincare
Cleanser –
Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk (from a Glossybox)
Organic / Not Tested on Animals

This cleanser goes on thick and gloopy like honey (I guess – I haven’t tried honey!) and feels wonderful for a face massage. Next I dampen it which makes it more milky. Then I use a damp flannel to wipe it off. My skin feels deliciously clean once I’ve used it and I love the scent.
I will be looking to repurchase this when my current one runs out.

Facial Oil –
Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood (from a Glossybox)
Cruelty Free / Vegan

This doesn’t feel like an oil – it’s really light and watery. It smells amazing and I dab it on my face after cleansing and before moisturiser. It’s one of those products that feels like a treat for the skin.

Day Cream –
Dr Organic Rose Otto
Organic / Free from Parabens / Against Animal Testing / Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

I switched to this brand when I realised my previous moisturiser was full of parabens. I picked this day cream up in Holland & Barrett and have already repurchased when the first one came to an end. It’s nice and light. The only downside is it doesn’t contain SPF.

Night Cream –
Dr Organic Rose Otto
Organic / Free from Parabens / Against Animal Testing / Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

After the success of the day moisturiser I decided to try the night cream version of this as well. So far (about a week in) I am loving it. It feels a little richer than the day cream and my skin feels lovely and soft each morning.

Eye Gel –
Dr Organic Aloe Vera
Organic / Free from Parabens / Against Animal Testing / Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

I am a fan of Aloe Vera – I’m growing a plant and sometimes cut off the end of a leaf to use the gel in it’s most natural state. I picked up this gel when I realised my plant isn’t big enough yet for me to be cutting a piece off everyday! It’s refreshing and cooling to use. It has stung my eyes when I’ve applied it too close or too much so I use it on the very edge of my eye area.

Shower Gel –
Lush Rose Jam
Vegan Friendly / Against Animal Testing

This is my favourite ever shower gel. It’s only released for Christmas time and I’ve managed to get a bottle the last two Christmas’s. Part way through last year I worried it wouldn’t last me until Christmas and bought a bog standard shower gel from the supermarket. I noticed the difference straight away – my skin felt drier and my showers didn’t feel as luxurious. So now it’s this one all year round!

Bubble Bath –
Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon
Vegan Friendly / Against Animal Testing

Luckily the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is available to buy all year. I use this for bubble baths and it’s great value. I can get about 5-6 baths out of one bubbleroon.

Epsom Salts –
Ultrapure laboratories
100% pure

I always chuck a handful of these Epsom Salts in when I run a bath for myself or my son. Epsom Salts are reputed to have some great health benefits.

Face Sheets Masks –
Rata & Co New Zealand Naturals
No Nasty Chemicals / 100% Paraben Free / No Animal Testing / Made in New Zealand

I fell in love with sheet masks in New Zealand and was so happy to discover that TK Maxx and Home Sense sell some of the NZ brands in their beauty section. I can’t usually get the same type twice but have used a couple of different types of this brand.

Natural Choices - Body

Other Natural Skin & Body Products I’d Like to Try

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Lotion
  • Nail Varnish (are there more natural choices?)
  • …and if so, nail varnish remover
  • Shaving Gel
  • Hand Cream
  • and I’m sure others too

If you have any recommendations for me please leave a comment or get in touch. I’m looking forward to trying out more products and exploring in more depth what “natural choices” means to me.

2 Replies to “Natural Choices – Body & Skincare”

  1. I too have been looking for more Natural products to use on my skin. I loved reading all of your suggestions… they look very yummy!! ☺ Also, I have an aloe plant as well that I love to use. No animal testing or harm of any kind to animals is a must!! I use a wonderful Clay Mask from Apothecary! It’s called Rose Rhassoul Clay Mask. I put a little honey with it and after I wash it off my skin actually has a glow to it. It also feels smooth as silk. Again, thank you for all of the great suggestions… going to have to try some of these out!!! 😊✌💗

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Aly 🙂
      That mask sounds lovely. I think I might have to try making my own natural face masks – I have a feeling it will be very messy but hopefully fun too! I will try honey as an ingredient.
      Good luck with your search for natural products 🙂

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