The New Find the Good Everyday Logo

Hello – a quick post today to share the brand new Find the Good Everyday Logo with you! This has been in the works for a while and I am so excited to be able to share it here on the blog! The new logos will show up across social media and in emails from me from now on.

There’s even a little site icon too! (If you’re viewing this from a computer it should show up as a little icon on your internet tab).

The New Logo

When I first started working with the designer Toby I knew I wanted to feature rainbows somehow. I had a search online and found a few examples I liked to send through.

And I am so pleased with what he came up with…

There are a couple of variations of the new logo:

New Find the Good Everyday Logo - icon and text

This icon/image is made up of a ring of rainbow circles with a sun in the middle. I think it also looks like a flower. So a combination of rainbow, sun and flower – that fits well with finding the good everyday!

New Find the Good Everyday - long version

This other logo has rainbow circles laid in a line with the Find the Good Everyday name over the top.

Which new Find the Good Everyday logo do you prefer?

Where else you can Find the Good Everyday

You can find Find the Good Everyday in a few different places online. Come and spot the new logo!

Click on these links to visit:

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