Organise October & my Sort-It September Results

Today I want to introduce this month’s project: Organise October and share my results from Sort-It September. Click here to see more details of my Sort-It September project.

Organise October

Sort-It September Results

It went well but it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. I lost steam midway through the month with lots of social engagements and things taking me away from home. I did manage to pick up some energy for the last few days of September.

Whilst I didn’t tick everything off my list and I didn’t manage to do something everyday – I did manage to get quite a few things done. A lot of them weren’t on the original list but resulted in a tidy up or being better organised for things coming up.

I still need to finish sorting the lounge and the junk drawers. I haven’t really touched upstairs yet. But I did do a big garden sort out (front and back) and started to have a clear out in the garage.

I think I got more done than I would have without the project spurring me on. And I’m keen to continue…

Organise October

A new month, a new name! Organise October will be similar to last month. I will aim to spend some time each day (where possible) decluttering and organising. I have areas I’m keen to sort out and will use the month long project as motivation to get things done as they come up.

Over the last few days I’ve found myself sorting out tiny little areas as I put something away there. It really helps and seems to urge me on to keep doing little jobs here and there. This is something I want to continue with.

This morning I’ve given my bureau desk a big overhaul. I cleared everything off and worked out what I was keeping and what I didn’t need anymore. I grouped items together and went through each drawer as well. What a difference! And it feels so good to be sat back at my desk writing this post!

I will try to come up with a list at the start of each week of things to tackle so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I’ve invited some friends over later this week and that’s serving as a deadline to get the rest of lounge finished off! Then I’ll figure out what’s next.

I’ll try to post updates over on my Instagram Stories throughout the month.


It was great to see some Instagram friends joining in through September! If you’re keen to join in this month I’d love to know!