Reflections on Curiosity (my word for 2021)

Today I’m sharing my reflections on curiosity which I chose to be my word for the year in 2021.

Curiosity - my 2021 word of the year pin image showing a hand pointing at a question mark alphabet magnet with other letter magnets above

I’ve just sat and read through my initial blog post which introduced the word, why I chose it and what I hoped it would do for me. And then I read my update from August about how it was going. Now I’ll share some final thoughts as we close out 2021.

Does Curiosity still mean the same to me?

Back in January I shared what Curiosity meant to me…

“For me, curiosity is all all about:

  • Exploring
  • Experimentation
  • Keeping an Open Mind
  • Creativity
  • Less Judgement
  • Wonder
  • Joy”

I’m glad I took the time to think about the meaning of it. I didn’t refer to the above list all that often through the year but I think this list still rings very true to me.

Almost a year on I’d also add that curiosity…

  • relieves/removes pressure
  • is playful
  • gives me space
  • and freedom

I feel like it’s been successful as a guiding mantra for 2021.

Where did Curiosity lead me?

I shared some thoughts in my August update about this but looking at the year as a whole I think Curiosity led me to…

  • Creating seasonal guided journals
  • Opening my Etsy shop
  • Creating other items such as self care kits and affirmation cards for my shop
  • To continue working on Find the Good Everyday as often as I could
  • Being more experimental with content I create and share
  • Trying new things in terms of my health and wellbeing
  • Being more gentle with myself when things didn’t turn out how I expected
  • Trying to be less judgemental – of myself and others
  • Feeling my feelings rather than trying to block any I deemed negative
  • Be more open to ‘putting myself out there’
  • Hosting journaling workshops and Instagram lives
  • Pushing myself and my comfort zone at times
  • Exploring new places
  • Taking chances

Final Reflections on Curiosity

I feel almost sad to be coming to the end of the year. There are no written rules to say I can’t keep Curiosity as my word for 2022 but I think I’d like to explore the possibility of something fresh and new.

I am sure Curiosity will continue to be an important word to me and help guide me at times of uncertainty. I think the benefit this year (in particular) was that in itself Curiosity isn’t fixed or determinate. And I needed that in 2021 when the world was uncertain and the rules kept changing and we weren’t entirely sure what was coming next or how we would get there. Curiosity gave me a pass to explore and experiment and let it grow as we went along. And as I start to ponder a possible guiding word for 2022 – that’s something I will consider. I want to choose a word that allows me space and freedom. Let’s hope I can find one just as good, if not better, than curiosity!

More on Word of the Year

So that’s my reflections on curiosity. This wasn’t my first rodeo for Word of the Year and I’ve shared previous words in these posts:

Did you choose a word for 2021? And if so – where did it lead you? And have you picked a word for 2022 yet? I’d love to hear what it is!

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