Tips and Ideas for School Holiday Fun

Today I want to share some ideas for Finding the Good Everyday as a family – specifically school holiday fun. I’m sharing cheap and easy ideas for activities at home as well as out and about.

Last week was Half Term for my 7 year old son. We tend to go away to visit family for part of the school holidays. Last year and this year we purposefully kept February half term clear of travel. Being Winter with the weather being a bit unpredictable we wanted a more chilled-out week at home.

We’ve kept it quite casual. I wrote down all the days on a post-it and pencilled in a theme/activity for each day so we had a rough plan. Here are some of the activities we got up to to Find the Good Everyday as well as some tips…

School Holiday Fun

Ideas for School Holiday Fun

Out & About

  • Visit the Library – our local branch is about 15 minutes walk from our house. Great for some fresh air and exercise along the way
  • Writing and posting letters – even the trip to the Post Office to buy stamps can be an adventure!
  • Chalk drawing outside – we have a paved front garden and I make sure I keep a steady supply of sidewalk chalk on hand for dry, sunny days. The colourful creations cheer up the boring slabs and it washes away next time it rains
  • Plan a day trip or two – take advantage of special offers to keep the cost down. We used an offer to get cheaper train tickets for London and visited the Tower of London with our Historical Royal Palaces pass. In the past I’ve used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get entry tickets to Longleat too

At Home

  • Reading Stories – dig out some books and curl up on the couch (or inside a den – see below) to read for a while. This is great if the weather is bad and you’re trying to avoid spending too long near screens
  • Sorting out toys – this may seem a bit meh but if you get the kids involved they often discover long forgotten toys to play with
  • Magic Painting – in our clear-out we discovered a magic painting book – my son happily painted over the pictures with a brush and water to bring the colours out
  • Disco Bath – I got this idea from a YouTube video – buy water-activated flashing cubes and use them in the bath instead of a drink. Turn the bathroom lights off and use any torches and fairy lights you have on the bathroom counter. (TIP – we got 12 flashing cubes in the box but 4 were more than enough to light up our bath. I’ve stashed the rest away for when the batteries run out)
  • Plan a special morning or afternoon tea – we had a Valentine’s Day afternoon tea – a picnic in our lounge featuring pink and red foods
  • Build a den – gather up all the blankets, cushions and tents to create a fort….hang fairy lights for some extra whimsy. We bought a construction fort sets a few years ago and it’s been great for building dens of all shapes and sizes!
  • Baking – ranging from shop bought kits or cornflake cakes to more elaborate recipes based on your skill and patience levels!
  • Make Pancakes – Shrove Tuesday fell during half term this year so it was a good excuse to have pancakes! Pancakes are our celebration food! We have them for Christmas, birthdays and usually during most school breaks too

Tips for School Holiday Fun

  • Make sure you have some time to yourself – I continued doing daily yoga and allowed my boy some screen time while I did so.
  • Have a chat to see what the expectations are. I told him we needed to practice spelling and reading everyday. He told me he prefers eating lunch at home than going out.
  • What did you love doing as a kid? What would you like to do again? I love painting and always relish the excuse to get the paints out and sit painting together.
  • Plan in some quiet at-home days. You can make these seem more exciting if you make them “pyjama days”! My son loves the idea of staying in his pyjamas all day long! If we get cabin fever we get dressed and out the house for a little while. It’s a great way to slow down and get some quieter time.
  • If you’re looking for other ideas for family fun check out my post about Seasonal Activities – we created an Autumn bucket list and displayed all the activities we wanted to do over the season. I’m hoping to come up with something similar as Spring approaches too!