Seasonal Activities and Adventures

Autumn Tree up close

A great way to Find the Good Everyday is to celebrate and develop traditions for each of the seasons. Each season has it’s good and bad and I love to make the most of each one with seasonal activities and adventures.

My son (who’s 7) and I like to come up with lists of activities we can do each season. Over the summer we created our “summer bucket list” with activities listed on shells which were put in the bucket as we completed them.

Making an Autumn Activities list

With Autumn upon us we’ve been busy coming up with ideas for fun and how we can keep track of what we are up to. As well as listing what we enjoy doing and events we have coming up I also did some internet searching for extra ideas (there are some great lists on Pinterest). I kept the list in my Bullet Journal as we thought of ideas and then we talked about how we could display it all.

Displaying our list

Tree and Leaves coloured in I found a tree and some leaf outlines via Google and printed them out in black and white. My son and I spent some time colouring them in – this was a great opportunity to use all the Autumn colour combinations we love.

Next I added each individual activity or event to a leaf. Then laminated the leaves and tree and cut them out. All the elements have been arranged on a large poster on our lounge door. We walk past it several times a day and it serves as a great reminder for what we want to do this Autumn and events we have coming up. It doubles up as an Autumn decoration as well.

I’ve kept some spare, blank leaves so we can add any additional activities as we think of or do them.

We will be busy working our way through these Autumnal Activities through to the end of November. We might not get to all of them but some can carry over for Winter activities too. As we complete each task it will move to the grass area under the tree and eventually our tree will be bare and Winter will arrive.

Complete Autumn Poster
It’s our Autumn “Activi-tree”!

Our list

Here’s the list of activities we’ve come up with…
1 Search for conkers
2 Drink hot chocolate
3 Pumpkin carving/decoration
4 Pumpkin ball (school event)
5 Make apple pie or crumble
6 Watch fireworks
7 Enjoy Halloween
8 Toast marshmallows (make s’mores)
9 Family walk in the woods
10 See Grandad
11 Visit Gran
12 Change the clocks (fall back)
13 Collect pinecones
14 Harvest Festival
15 Donate to a food bank
16 Splash in puddles (wearing wellies!)
17 Autumn Colours treasure hunt
18 Sparklers
19 Wear scarfs/hats and gloves
20 Try apple bobbing
21 Go to Birmingham
22 Celebrate my birthday!

How you can make it your own

This is a kid friendly activity but I’ve also seen great examples online for adults – especially within bullet journals and travellers notebook spreads. I especially loved an “Autumn Bingo” game I saw with a reward for completing the whole board.  You can display your Seasonal Activities and Adventures list somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Or keep it in a journal or a notebook or even as a list of tasks on your phone.

If I were making an Autumn list for just me I’d add things like: bubble baths, wearing boots, buying a new chunky knit and a star gazing date night. It’s really fun coming up with ways to honour the season and enjoy it.


Defining what you love about each season and making time to do seasonal activities is a great way to make the most of everyday. Do you have any seasonal traditions? Are you planning any special seasonal activities and adventures this Autumn? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.