Self Portrait Challenge – #AEPiecesofUs

Last week I took part in Ali Edwards’ Self Portrait Challenge over on Instagram. If you follow me over there you may have already seen these images and captions but I wanted to document them here on the blog as well.

I’ve followed Ali Edwards on social media for many years now. She’s a story teller and memory keeper and comes up with some great projects to capture daily life. I enjoy taking part in her Day in the Life and Week in the Life projects and plan to take part in those this year.

Her #aepiecesofus project was a little different though – all about getting ourselves in the frame. When she posted the idea earlier this month I decided to play along and set a daily reminder across the week that the project would be live.

Here’s a look at the photos I shared…

Monday – Feet
Self portrait challenge - feet

Monday’s prompt was FEET. Here are mine…in socks that say ‘Believe’ with a hole in the toe. Around this time of year I usually start losing socks at an alarming rate due to holes in the toe. My feet get fed up being cooped up over Winter and long to be barefoot & in sandals again! I really need to learn how to darn socks.

Tuesday – Hands
Self portrait challenge - hands

HANDS – As a creative I like to constantly use my hands… for writing, for typing, for sewing, for baking. Lately these hands have been achy and sore and I feel sad that I can’t do everything I could a couple of years ago. I’m still grateful for everything they’ve helped me create so far.

Wednesday – Face Forward (let your face fill the frame)
Self portrait challenge - Face forward

FACE FORWARD – Hello – it’s me!

Thursday – Eyes Closed
Self portrait challenge - Eyes closed

EYES CLOSED – it’s tricky taking a self portrait with your eyes closed! I look tired… that’s pretty standard since 2010

Friday – ½ Face (take a photo or crop a photo to include a portion of your face)
Self portrait challenge - Half face

HALF FACE – Fun fact – I find balance and symmetry fascinating – I wonder if it’s because I’m a Libra?

Saturday – Full Body
Self portrait challenge - Full body

FULL BODY – This is the closest I could manage while still taking the photo myself! I had hoped to get a self timer shot by the #rainbowfenceofdreams but Storm Dennis put paid to that idea!
I took this by holding the phone between my teeth and using the 3 second timer.

Sunday – Reflection
Self portrait challenge - Reflection

REFLECTION – I assumed this would be a photo taken in a mirror when I saw the prompt earlier in the project.
But Storm Dennis provided me with lots of puddles – I peeked in a few but an eager-to-explore doggy didn’t give me much time for snapping photos. Here’s one I did take.

So – what did I think of the Self Portrait Challenge?

I’m really glad I took part in the challenge. It got me thinking about how to frame the photos and I definitely shared photos I wouldn’t usually choose to. It felt like a little step out of my comfort zone and little steps are just right at the moment.
I’d recommend giving this a go – you can take part at any point. And I’d suggest checking out the #aepiecesofus hashtag on Instagram for some great ideas for how to get yourself in the frame.

I do love a photo/memory keeping project.

Day in the Life

The next Day in the Life is scheduled for Thursday 5th March. Of course – you can do this at any time you choose but I enjoy the camaraderie of taking part at the same time as people all over the world! Do let me know if you’ll be taking part!