Setting Half Term Goals (goal-setting around the school year)

Since February this I’ve been conducting an experiment in setting half term goals for myself. Today I want to share how and why I’ve been doing this.

Setting Half Term Goals (goal setting around the school year)

Why have I been setting Half Term Goals?

I have a 9 year old boy at primary school and I realised that I could use the way the school year is broken up into chunks to set goals with deadlines. It also means when my son has school holidays I can review and reset as well as focusing on time with him.

Here in the UK the school year has 3 terms each broken into 2 half terms. Autumn term runs from September until Christmas with a week off usually in October. Spring term is from January until Easter with a week’s break in February. And the Summer term runs from after Easter until July with a week off at the end of May.

Each half term is usually around 6 weeks which seems like a decent block of time to get things done.

My Process for Setting Half Term Goals

I worked out 3 areas I wanted to set goals around. These are:

  • Writing/Career
  • Home & Family
  • Wellness

At the start of each half term I come up with a list of what I want to achieve in each area.

I create a page in my Bullet Journal listing the tasks for each area with check boxes to tick as I complete them.

This list then feeds through to my monthly bujo pages where I list aims and goals for each month.

Is this system working for me?

I think this has been great to try and keep me focused and working on detailed tasks.

But I feel like I need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I need to ensure these short term goals are stepping me towards big goals. So I am currently working on setting/reviewing longer-term goals in each area so I can refer to them when I set shorter-term goals each half term.

Goals written down are a great step forward but I also need to make sure I’m taking the time to DO the work!

For this new half term I drew up a grid showing all the days my son is at school. I noted down prior appointments and commitments so I can see what time I have available to work on my goals.

One thing I struggle with is overcommitting to too many things. I often think I can get much more done in a day than I actually manage. (I often forget that school hours only allow me around 4-5 hours of work time if I have no other commitments or distractions…And they always show up!). This can sometimes lead to overwhelm and then I don’t know what to work on.

This half term I intend to be more intentional when writing my daily to do lists. I want to add things that move me towards my goals but make sure the daily list is achievable to keep me motivated to continue.

I’ve also created a Kanban board for my writing projects to try and keep me focused. I hope to share more on this soon. Check out my Instagram for updates.

Half Term Goal Setting. How, as a Mum, I set my own goals around the school year.


How do you plan your days? And how do you link long term goals to daily tasks? I’m always keen to hear how people do this!

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