Bloggers Share – Simple Daily Rituals to Find the Good Everyday

Today marks the start of a new series here on the blog. I recently asked some fellow bloggers their tops tips to help Find the Good Everyday. Today – I’m sharing their Simple Daily Rituals to make their days better.

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Simple Daily Rituals to Find the Good Everyday

Bloggers Share SIMPLE DAILY RITUALS to Find the Good Everyday
Teresa Maria /

“The first thing, that sets me up nicely for the day, is to have a consistent morning routine. Nothing big; getting up, drinking coffee and doing my make-up and hair while there’s something chill on TV.
Throughout the day I pay attention to the little things and remind myself how lucky I am; my commute is 2 minutes, I have the most wonderful colleagues, I like my job, my pay is good, etc. If it’s a sunny day I don’t need to remind myself of any positives because light and warmth already make me so happy and energetic, that I’ll be fine through the day with just that.
I learned years ago, through some unfortunate events, that it really is the little things that matter the most in the end. And realising that, I think, I found the essence of happiness.”

Tors Darling /

“I document the 3 things that are good about the day this has a snowball effect that it’s easier to see the good in the day.”

Emma Farley /

“I grab as many cuddles with my son as possible. Nothing else matters when he crawls into my lap and says “I love big squeezes, they’re my favourite”. It’s an act that costs nothing, doesn’t take much time, and I can do it as much as I like!”

Caterina /

“Usually, I like to start the day with my morning skincare routine and a big breakfast.”

Elen Mai /

“I try to start everyday with a pint of cold water and half an hour of yoga practice. It lets me empty my mind ready to start the day and I feel much more refreshed and grounded for doing it. Yoga with Adrienne’s videos on Youtube are absolutely brilliant for beginners like me to follow along to.”


Do you have any Simple Daily Rituals to help you Find the Good Everyday? If so – leave a comment below – let’s keep the conversation going.

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See you back next week with some tips for finding the positive on a bad day.

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in this post Katie! Can’t wait to see the next instalments. I especially love Teresa’s tips to start the day off right – it’s all about appreciating the little things in life. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

    1. Hi Elen Mai – Thank you so much for your blog comment. And for taking part in my Bloggers Share series.

      Apologies for the delay in responding – I’ve just checked my spam filters and found a few comments that had been caught up for no reason.

      And I agree – taking note of the little things in life can really make us feel good and appreciate life more!

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