Six months with our Rescue Greyhound Reggie

This month we are celebrating six months with our rescue greyhound Reggie. So I thought I’d share some stories about him, some favourite photos we’ve taken and why he makes us happy!

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Celebrating Six Months with our Rescue Greyhound

  • Reggie came home with us from the Basildon Dogs Trust on the 13th January. His birthday is estimated to be sometime in July so we have decided to celebrate his birthday on his 6 months gotcha day (13th July)!
  • He is so quirky. Having joined greyhound groups and done more research since we got him – it turns out they can be quirky dogs. He has a lot of personality. He’s a drama queen. And he’s a sensitive soul all rolled into one!
  • When we first got him he was worried about lots of things. He’s still a worrier and I don’t think that will ever go away but he’s becoming more confident every day.
  • He’s not a big barker but he is noisy. He often cries. We have become accustomed to the greyhound scream of death which was very shocking the first time we heard it! Reggie often has something to say (usually a bork) when he’s not happy with the kitchen service and dinner is late. He also sings/cries when I brush my teeth every morning.
  • Lockdown has meant our separation training came to a standstill. This is something we will gradually work on as things ease up and we can leave the house more.
  • He is really playful and loves balls. We have tried him with various different toys in the last 6 months. Most of which have been destroyed within about 15 minutes. He has a squeaky banana which he has pulled the squeaker and most of the stuffing out but which he still likes to toss in the air and run around with. And he loves chasing around a tennis ball. This surprised me – I wasn’t expecting him to be so playful as a 4 year old dog.
Six months with our rescue greyhound Reggie - a mosaic of 4 photos showing how cute he is

Reggie Makes Us Happy

  • It warms my heart when he takes himself outside on a sunny day and lays on the grass. He always looks so happy and I realised that during his racing career it’s unlikely he got the opportunity to lay in the sun whenever he liked.
  • Greyhounds do a thing called “Roaching” – when they lay on their back with all their legs in the air. It’s a vulnerable position and is supposed to be a good indicator that they feel safe and content in their environment. Reggie’s daily roach is something we look forward to!
  • It’s great to have a reason to get outside every day. To begin with he didn’t enjoy walks and would often refuse to move beyond our front garden but he now gets excited when his lead comes out and he’s usually chasing us around the house to hurry us out of the door.
  • The post adoption support we have received from Dogs Trust has been so helpful. It’s part of their adoption service. We’ve spoken to them a couple of time’s about concerns and they’ve had great advice and tips both times.
  • Rehoming Reggie has been hard at time’s and we’ve made changes to our home life and routines to settle him in. We now can’t imagine life without him. He has a big personality and makes us laugh every single day!
  • Reggie is gradually getting to know us better and it’s lovely that he recognises us as “his people” now. He often comes over with a wet nose to ask for cuddles and pets!
4 more images of our rescue greyhound Reggie


It’s been a strange six months with our rescue greyhound but we are so pleased he’s now part of the family! Reggie is definitely being added to my Happy List! I shared more photos of him earlier in the year on this post.

Do you have pets? Do they help bring happiness to your life?

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