Sort-It September – a month-long project

Today I want to share my Sort-It September project which I will be working on starting tomorrow.

Sort-it September

The long summer break is almost over. My son goes back to school next week and it will be back to normal routine. We’ve had a wonderful summer but I’m ready for the fresh new start that comes along with the new academic year.

I’ve been thinking about starting a project or choosing a theme for the month of September to help me get back into the swing of things and keep me busy.

Over Summer we’ve been letting things slide around the house. We spent a fair bit of the Summer break travelling. That combined with my son’s birthday means we have lots of miscellaneous items hanging around that need homes.  It all needs a big sort out and some decluttering. We even have some items already earmarked for donation that are hanging around! I want to get them dropped off with anything else I clear out by the end of the month.

I’ve made a list of the areas of my home which need to be sorted out the most. I am committing to at least 10 minutes “sorting out” each day to improve the troublesome corners of my home and have a declutter.

Sort-It September – Areas I will Focus On

  • Dining Room Table
  • Corner Chair
  • Sideboard Drawer (left)
  • Sideboard Drawer (right)
  • Bureau – top
  • Bureau – surrounding
  • Kitchen Junk Drawer (by coffee machine)
  • Kitchen Junk Drawer (by washing machine)
  • “Random” Cupboard in the Kitchen
  • Corner Cupboard in the Kitchen
  • Bedroom Miscellany
  • Son’s Room – Shelves
  • Son’s Room – Surfaces
  • My Bookcase in the Office
  • Other Bookcase in the Office
  • Desk Top in the Office
  • Office – Floor
  • Office – Miscellany
  • Bathroom – Storage Cupboard
  • Charity Shop Drop Off

This is a starting point of areas I feel need the most attention. I may well add to this list as I go but if I can sort out most of these areas I will be happy.

Sort-It September involves clearing out each of the areas listed above. I will find homes for the items we want to keep and start gathering all the items that need to be donated or belong somewhere else. I will organise drawers and cupboards so that items are easier to locate and the space works better for us.

Sort-It September – Keeping Track

Sort-It September Tracker

I’ve created a spread in my Bullet Journal listing the areas above so I can tick them off as I work on them and see my progress. I’ve also added a tick box for each of the 30 days to tick off as I complete my 10 minutes each day.

I will set a daily alarm in my calendar to remind me to do the sorting out. And I will add it as a task to each daily list in my Bullet Journal.

As an Obliger I need to build in some Outer Accountability so I will be sharing progress on my Instagram Stories.

I may also do a follow-up post on here – possibly with some before and after photos if I am feeling brave!

For more tips on building daily habits – check out my Sticking with it post.


Do you find September a great time for fresh starts and new projects? Do you feel the need for a declutter? If you’re keen to join in with Sort-It September please let me know!