Our Summer Bucket List

Today I want to share the Summer Bucket List we created last year to help us celebrate the summer season. I’m planning to do something similar this year on the lead-up to the summer holidays. It’s a great way to plan some activities and start getting excited about the summer break.

Summer Bucket List Start

How it came together

  • We came up with a list of things we wanted to do over Summer as a family.
  • I searched online and printed out a bucket outline and lots of shell outline drawings.
  • We got busy colouring it all in.
  • We added each activity to a coloured-in shell.
  • Then we laminated the bucket and shells and carefully cut them out.
  • We stuck the bucket to a large sheet of paper and added a title.
  • Then, using blu-tack, we added the shells beside our bucket.
  • As we completed each activity we collected the shell in our bucket.

It was such a fun way to keep track of what we got up to over summer. I also left some shells blank so we could add extra activities as we did them – this is a great way to record summer memories as well as a list of things we wanted to do.

We didn’t complete all of the activities but we had fun trying.

Summer Bucket List Complete

Ideas for Summer Bucket List Activities

I’ve copied our activities from last year below – grouped by type. I will use this to make a start on this year’s list and add some new ideas too.

At Home
  • Games Night
  • Play the Wii
  • Make jelly with sweets inside
  • Dress Up Day
  • Treasure Hunt with map & treasure
  • Art Day
  • PJ Day
  • Baking Day
  • Paint Pebbles
  • Play Date
  • Visit a local park
  • Go Swimming
  • Local Play Trail
  • Sleepover at Nanny’s
  • Library Reading Challenge
Further Afield
  • Visit Gran
  • Longleat
  • Go on a boat
  • Visit Bath
  • Go to a different country
  • Go on Holiday
Birthday Related

(My son’s birthday falls in the summer holidays so we plan a few activities around that)

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Family Birthday Picnic
  • Birthday Party – with friends

As you can see – a lot of these activities work for all seasons! I’ve written a few posts about different seasons now. You can find them all under the Seasons category. You can also check out my Tips and Ideas for School Holidays for some extra activity ideas.

Do you plan activities for the Summer season and holidays? Do you have your own Summer Bucket List? I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas for celebrating the season.