Summer Holiday Plans and Tips

The Summer Holidays are here in the UK and today I want to talk about our Summer Holiday Plans and Tips.

If you’re not a parent this one may not apply although there’s still some tips in here for setting up a schedule which may still be useful.

If this isn’t your thing why not check out Our Summer Bucket List and see if you can come up with your own version to make the most out of summer.

And for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere I’ve also got a Survive & Thrive in Winter post to read which includes 20 Winter Activities.

Summer Holiday Plans - How I Plan

Our Summer Holidays Plans

For the last couple of summers (& for Christmas breaks too) I’ve created a paper schedule and pinned it up on the lounge door where we can all see it.

I usually use a larger piece of paper (A3 at least) and some bright coloured pens to make it fun. Then I draw out a grid with a row for each week and note the days of the week along the top and the dates in each box.

I mark out any special occasions (my son’s birthday for example) and all the things we have planned (on certain dates). Sometimes with little doodles.

I add things like:
  • Holidays
  • Days out
  • Summer camp or activity days
  • Play dates with friends
  • Dates my husband is away for work.
  • And also days he is working from home (so we can get out and give him some peace on those days!)

Next up I get some smaller post-it notes and write down things we want to do/need to do but we don’t have dates for yet.

This could include things like:
  • Buying school uniform and other back to school supplies
  • Getting ready for back to school (gathering, ironing, labelling)
  • Visiting family members
  • Library trips (see more about the summer holiday reading challenge below)
  • Swimming
  • Any other activities we are keen to do

I add the post-it’s where we are likely to do the activity. This helps me see the balance of when we have lots on and when we might want to make plans with friends.

I think it’s great to have some free days to do whatever we like but with too many of these in a row it can feel like we are not making the most of our time off.

We move the post-it’s around as needed and add things in as they come up. It’s a great way to look at what you’ve done so far and what you’ve got coming up.

I think as my son gets older I will see if he’s keen to be involved in creating the plan as I’m sure it will help him learn more about scheduling and time management. (And I will sadly accept it if he just doesn’t get as excited about planning as I do!)

Summer Activity Ideas

If you’re stuck for ideas for the holidays I have a couple of posts that might come in handy:

I’d also recommend checking out Brummy Mummy of 2’s YouTube video Fun Kid Activities to Beat Summer Boredom which has some great ideas.

Summer Scrapbook

Last year we created a summer scrapbook similar to the ones Brummy Mummy of 2 discusses in her video.

I bought a £1 A4 sketch pad from Poundland and my son decorated it. We added something in each day of the Summer break. Sometimes we’d work on a few days at once.

My son would add the date and a couple of lines about what we had been up to. We then added photos and stickers and leaflets from places we visited.

For days where we didn’t have much on I’d print out an activity sheet he could do. One day we learnt how to draw Stitch and stuck our attempts as well as the tutorial in.

This is now a wonderful keepsake from last summer. It worked well as an activity to entertain us throughout the holidays and meant we got some handwriting and spelling practice in.

We are just getting started on this year’s version and have been busy collecting things to add in.

Summer Holiday Reading Challenge

Libraries across Essex (& I think the whole of the UK) usually have a summer reading challenge. My son has taken part in these for the last few years.

It usually involves reading about 6 books and for each book you read you receive clues to solve a mystery.

We can sign up at our local library from around mid July. If children complete the challenge they usually get a medal &/or certificate.

This is a great incentive to encourage reading and usually means we visit the library several times throughout the holidays to choose new books and pick up clues.

We tend to pick a shorter book to read whilst at the library (our local has some lovely seating areas for kids to enjoy books) and then bring a couple home as well.

Summer Car Kit

This summer we are keeping a few items in our car (stored in the boot) ready for impromptu beach and park visits.

We’ve got:

  • bucket and spade
  • beach towel
  • picnic blanket
  • inflatable beach ball
  • sun hats
  • sun cream

I also try to make sure we have fresh water and snacks (ideally things that don’t melt in the heat!) when we go out.


Our Summer Holiday Plans

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our Summer Holidays Plans and you’ve found the tips useful.

What do you have planned for the Summer Holidays?

And I’d love to hear your tips for staying organised and also finding the balance between adventures and days out and also quieter days at home.

Wishing you a happy Summer!