Things Currently Making Me Happy – early 2020

Hello! It’s been a while. Today I want to ease myself back into my little internet home with a list of Things Currently Making Me Happy. 

Things Currently Making Me Happy Pin Image

January was the longest month wasn’t it? I am happy we are now in February but I also want to take time to think about the good things in January and the things I’m enjoying at the moment. 

Things Currently Making Me Happy – early 2020

1 Our New Dog – 

In January we adopted a greyhound from the Dogs Trust. He’s three and a half and likely an ex-racer. He’s a cutie who gets a little worried (the world is a big place) and we’ve been working to settle him in to life at home. We’ve all got lots to learn about each other and I forgot how tiring welcoming a dog can be! But every day he’s making us smile and laugh. (I’m sure I’ll be sharing photos of him on Instagram every now and again if you want to see more of him!)

Our New Dog Mosaic
2 The Ordinary Skincare – 

I’ve been meaning to try this skincare range for ages but always got a little overwhelmed visiting the website and trying to work out what to buy. When I spotted a counter pop up in a nearby Boots I went in and had a chat with a staff member. So far I’m using Buffet and the Surface Hydration Moisturiser. And I’ve just bought the caffeine eye treatment. It ticks my boxes of cruelty free and vegan with no parabens and it’s not too expensive either. And so far my skin seems happy with it!

3 Sewing – 

I took a learn to sew course back in September and October and thoroughly enjoyed it. As part of the course I made a fabric box, a tote bag and a zipped cushion cover. A lovely friend has lent me her sewing machine and I’ve been trying smaller projects for beginners. I’ve made teabag holders, headphone keepers (great to prevent tangled headphones and cables), placemats and drawstring bags (to use instead of gift wrap). I’m enjoying the process and seeing the things I’ve completed makes me very happy! 

Sewing Projects Montage
4 Call the Midwife – 

The back catalogue of Call the Midwife is currently available for free on BBC iplayer so I’ve been working my way through a rewatch right from the beginning. I have loved this TV series since I first saw it when my son was a baby. Many of the storylines have led me to finding out more about the time period the show covers and the health concerns featured. 

5 Charity Shop Bargains – 

I’ve found some great bargains recently in the local charity shops. I found some white cotton sheets which I have re-purposed for sewing projects. As well as some as-new clothes (some still had labels attached) in just the right size for a tiny fraction of the cost they would be brand new. I am also keeping an eye out for other sewing supplies like zips and fabric. It’s like going on a treasure hunt when I visit them!


So that’s some of the things currently making me happy. Happy Lists are a favourite of mine – why not check out these posts all about them:

And do let me know what’s making you happy right now!

It feels good to be back. Now to come up with some other blog posts to share with you soon. Do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see.