Write Your Own ‘Things That Make You Happy’ List

Today I want to help you write your own list of things that make you happy.

A Happy list is a great resource to have to recognise what brings you joy. It can work as a great reminder to do more of what you love and also for days that don’t feel so great to remind you to find the good! Plus creating the list can help you recognise and show gratitude for the happy things in your life.

My things that make me happy lists (list 1 and list 2) are popular posts here at Find the Good Everyday so I thought I’d share some tips so you can write your own version.

I’ve also created a journalling workbook full of journalling prompts to help you get more joy in your everyday. Happy Lists feature as do 20 other 10 minute prompts for happiness. You can find out more here. And buy your copy here.

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Writing your own things that make you Happy list

I’d recommend 100 things if you can – it’s a challenge but it really gets you thinking about all the things (small and large) that bring you joy.

Grab some paper or a notebook and a pen and let’s get started…

First of all – get as many things on paper that come to mind straightaway. Number them as you go so you know how many you’ve got.

Do that now and if/when you start to get stuck come back to read the prompts below (and the What Next section).

Happy List Prompts

If you’re stuck for ideas have a think about these categories and if any happy things spring to mind.

  • At home
  • Outside
  • Things you collect
  • Keepsakes
  • Places
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week
  • Each season (which is your favourite and what makes you happy during each season)
  • Occasions & Celebrations
  • Things that make you smile
  • Colours
  • Clothes
  • Food & Drinks
  • People
  • Scents
  • Hobbies
  • Animals
  • Activities (that make you feel good during and after)
  • Music
  • Movies & TV
  • Books
  • Things that made you happy as a child
  • The 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and scent)

If you’ve worked your way through these prompts and still have space on your happy list have a read of my 100 things and 100 more things lists to see if they spark any ideas.

What next?

I’d recommend leaving the list for a day or two and then coming back to review it.

You could type it up or hand letter your list or stick with the original version.

And then display your list somewhere you can see it everyday – on a notice board, vision board, in your planner. Or take a photo and save it as your screensaver.

Make a pact with yourself to read it often and try to encourage some of those things that make you happy in to your daily life.

Happy List Templates

I have a couple of printable Happy List templates for you to use if you’d like. Sign up to my newsletter to get a copy or contact me.

There are also more tips for your Happy List as well as other prompts for journalling your way to happiness in Find Your Happy. You can buy a copy here.

Happy List Writing!

Do let me know how it goes and how many things end up on your own list!