TRUE – a 30 day Yoga Journey

During January I completed Yoga with Adriene’s latest 30 day yoga journey – TRUE. I’ve been practising yoga daily since 1st January 2017 (397 days and counting!). Today I want to share my thoughts on TRUE.

What is TRUE?

ywa true calendar

TRUE is available for free on youtube and will be available all year round. It’s a 30 day yoga journey that you can start at any time regardless of your age, size or ability. There are often suggestions for beginners as well as more advanced yogi’s to adapt the practice to suit your needs.

Adriene guides you on a journey that’s all about yoga but also (and probably more importantly) all about yourself. Each day has a theme which is mentioned in the practice and the description as well. The theme works well as a mantra throughout the practice and is usually something you can ponder on in life (away from your yoga mat) as well.

The longest practice is Day 16 – Self Love – at 41 minutes and the shortest is Day 24 – Be Kind – at 13 minutes. The average length is 25 minutes.

My 30 day Yoga Journey

I LOVED TRUE. It was a wonderful way to begin 2018 and to continue my daily yoga practice into this new year.

I found during TRUE that although I’d already done yoga daily for the whole of 2017 – there is still much to learn and develop. After the 30 days I feel stronger and I really do feel like I know myself better.

I definitely had some favourite practices during the 30 days. I marked good ones with a little heart in my Bujo Yoga Tracker. There are more practices with little hearts beside them then there are blanks! By completing all the practices (plus I did an extra on 1st January as it properly kicked off on the 2nd) I clocked up 13 hours 15 minutes of yoga in January.

TRUE has helped me realise that I prefer swifter, flow yoga. I particularly enjoyed Day 7 – Salud, Day 10 – Detox and Day 22 – Release. In fact Day 22 was probably my favourite of all of them. And I have to mention Day 30 – Be You – which is a culmination of everything before it and allows you the opportunity to do your own thing (you can follow along with Adriene if you wish but there are no voice prompts).

30 day yoga journey

I love Adriene’s style. I find her quirky and fun. It always brings a smile to my face when she bursts into song or sneaks in some innuendo. And her dog Benji is a gorgeous addition to some of the practices.  She also comes out with some really inspirational words. Some of my favourite Adriene quotes are:

  • Trust yourself, trust me, trust the video
  • Meet your appropriate edge
  • Ritual is Routine with Intention (so good I used it in my Find the Good Everyday Printable Workbook!)
  • The universe is for you and so is everything else
  • Find What Feels Good

What’s Next?

I’ve now completed 3 of Adriene’s January Yoga programmes:

I did start Yoga Camp back in January 2016 but I didn’t finish it so it’s on my list to get through the whole thing sometime this year.

Adriene has released a calendar for February that suggests daily practices – it’s a mix of already available practices and new ones being released each week. I have downloaded the calendar and will give it a go. The theme is Love Yo ‘Self which is fantastic for the month of love!

While I was keen to stick with TRUE on a day to day basis I probably won’t be so rigid with the February calendar. If there’s a practice that doesn’t quite fit in with my mood or available time on a given day I will probably swap it for something else.


Have you tried yoga? Are you a fan of Adriene? Why not give TRUE a go? I would wholeheartedly recommend it!

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