Trying The Organised Mum Method

Have you heard of “Team TOMM” or The Organised Mum Method? It’s an organised method for cleaning your house.

I’m never been much of a fan of cleaning or housework. Sometimes this doesn’t bother me but other times I get frustrated and overwhelmed but don’t know where to start. I’ve decided to give The Organised Mum Method a try to see if it helps me feel on top of the housework.

Trying The Organised Mum Method

How It Works

Here’s a brief rundown…

Each week you work through 3 different levels of cleaning.

Level 1 –

Every day you spend 15 minutes doing basic cleaning tasks. This includes making your bed, doing laundry, vacuuming/mopping main traffic areas and quick cleaning the bathroom.

Level 2 –

On Monday to Thursday you spend an additional 30 minutes in a specific room as follows:

  • Monday – Living room
  • Tuesday – Bedrooms
  • Wednesday – Hallway and Stairs
  • Thursday – Kitchen

There is a list of suggested cleaning tasks you can do in each room. It’s things like dusting and vacuuming, cleaning under the sofa cushions, cleaning out the fridge, changing sheets etc.

Level 3 –

On Friday you spend your 30 minutes focusing on a specific room/area to do the more infrequent and seasonal tasks. For example – cleaning the oven, vacuuming under furniture and deep cleaning the bathroom.

  • Week 1 – Kids’ Bedrooms
  • Week 2 – Living Room
  • Week 3 – Kitchen
  • Week 4 – Bathrooms
  • Week 5 – Master Bedroom
  • Week 6 – Entrance Hall & Stairs
  • Week 7 – Miscellaneous Room
  • and Week 8 – Garden & Outside

You can find out more about it over at The Organised Mum blog. All the information and checklists are free to download and use.

I’ve printed the checklists to keep on the fridge and I’ve also drawn them up in my Bullet Journal so I can tell what needs done each week and day.

How am I Finding The Organised Mum Method so far?

This is my first week of following the Organised Mum Method and so far I’m loving it. It’ll be interesting to see if my enthusiasm continues!

For me, the main benefit of this method is that I only have to do 45 minutes per day. Some days it may even be less.

The 15 minute level 1 tasks can get divided up through the day so I’m only ever doing a few minutes as a time.
We’ve always been good at making our beds, I was doing a load of laundry most days and usually wiping the bathroom round as well. Adding the vacuum has made a big difference and I even get my son to do it some days! I tended to spread laundry through the week but I’m trying the method of a load each weekday so there’s no laundry being done on the weekends.

The Level 2 tasks are the ones I used to dread…thinking I had to do them all at once and it would take hours. Having a room to look after each day and a list of tasks helps keep me focused. And I feel a sense of freedom once it’s done!

The Level 3 jobs are probably the ones that made me feel guilty for not getting to them as often as I’d like. But knowing I’ll cycle through them every 2 months takes the pressure off.

Another fun bonus to this method is the daily playlist on Spotify – there’s a 30 minute(ish) playlist available each day that you can blast as you work through the room/focus for the day.

Will a Cleaner House Help Me Find the Good Everyday?

In short, I hope so! At this stage I am feeling more on top of things around the house and getting it done in short bursts is improving my energy levels. As a result this leads me to get other things from my to do list done!

I’ve previously talked about the Benefits of Decluttering and I know that having a tidier and cleaner house helps me feel happier so I’m planning to continue.

And the method can also be flexible when needed. If I can keep up with the daily level 1 tasks it doesn’t matter if I have to miss a day or move a day around. Although I will try to ensure that I keep up with Level 3 tasks (even if I have to do them on a different day) so they are getting done.


I’d love to know if you use The Organised Mum Method or perhaps another way of organising your cleaning? And do you think it makes you happier?