Week in the Life: Friday 15th May

Wow – it’s already time for a Week in the Life: Friday edition. This week seems to have gone by fast!

You can see stories and photos from the rest of the week here:

Week in the Life: Friday 15th May

Theme for the Day – Friday Fun & Frolics!

Weather – Sunny – High of 17 – Low of 5

Wake up – 8.30am

Breakfast – Coco Pops, strawberries & an apple

Lunch – Fish finger roll with homemade aioli, gherkin and lettuce plus cucumber sticks and some tortilla chips on the side

Dinner – Quiche, baby potatoes and salad

Snacks – rice cake, Pringles for the Quiz

Week in the Life: Morning through to Lunch photos
What happened – Morning
  • Yet another slow start – that seems to be the theme of the week!
  • Downstairs to feed everyone
  • Sorting video clips from Thursday to post on IG
  • Posting Thursday’s blog
  • Starting home learning with a Body Coach workout – we did a 5 minute warm up then a 15 minute workout
  • Hubby took the doggo out while we were exercising
  • Had a go at the Friday Maths Challenge on BBC Bitesize – the final 2 questions required all family members working together!
  • Kiddo declared himself having an off-day early on and it was a struggle to get him to focus – glad that the weekend is close now
  • After some work ran a bath for the kiddo with some Epsom salts and little bath bombs
  • Wrote my morning pages at 12.15pm while the kiddo was in the bath
  • Sorted lunch
Week in the Life: Friday - heading outside
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • I printed out the ‘Coronavirus from a Kids Perspective‘ questionnaire and got the kiddo to complete it – this will go in the scrapbook album
  • Got on with chores – washing up and laundry while the kiddo carried on with school work
  • Got dressed in clothes that weren’t pyjamas or active wear and even put some make-up on!
  • Headed to the pharmacy on foot to pick up a prescription. Waited 20 minutes in a queue
  • I used the waiting time to start organising photos to be printed for my WITL scrapbook album
  • Popped to the little supermarket for milk that I couldn’t get at LIDLs and some marshmallows for a recipe we want to try
  • Husband headed off for a run when I got back
  • The doggo, the kiddo and I went for a walk to find the swans – we were not disappointed!
  • Watched, with a decent sized socially-distant crowd, as one baby swan was abandoned in the nest while the others swam away…
  • …and breathed a sigh of relief when the family were re-united
  • Home for dinner
  • Time for one of the favourite parts of our lockdown week – a music quiz with hubby’s running club via Zoom
  • Danced and sang our way through to a respectable score of 149 (no idea what that was out of!)
  • Let the dog out and off to bed
Week in the Life: Friday - looking for swans (we found some ducklings too!)
I am grateful for –
  1. Organising my photos from Monday to Thursday ready to print
  2. Friday Night Music Quiz with hubby’s running club
  3. Seeing the baby swans with the kiddo and the doggo

No. of steps – 9,079 – the quiz dancing definitely helps!

Bedtime – it was nearly 11pm but I couldn’t sleep so read until around midnight

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • It was good to make a start on organising the scrapbook element of this project today.
  • A lovely friend on Instagram reminded me that the Project Life app has a mosaic function to get multiple images on 6 x 4 prints.
  • I will make up mosaics for each day and then order the prints early next week.
  • Over the weekend I am hoping to get some of the stories in the paper album.


And that was a Week in the Life: Friday edition. On to the weekend…

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