Week in the Life : Monday and Tuesday

This week I’m taking part in “Week in the Life”. Today I’m ready to share some photos and words from Monday and Tuesday.

Week in the Life – Monday

Theme for the Day – Bank Holiday Monday!

Weather – High of 27 / Low of 9 / Sunny & Still (33 in car at 3pm!)

Wake up – 7.15am-ish

Week in the Life - Monday (food)

Breakfast – Hifi bar pre-run then an apple and toast with cherry tomatoes and boiled egg

Lunch – out with hubby – I had a jacket potato with baked beans, cheese and a side salad

Dinner – Delicious lamb. feta, beetroot and pine-nut salad cooked by hubby

Week in the Life - Monday (Run)

What I did – My son had a sleepover at my Mum’s so I had most of the day with my husband. I started C25k (grateful for hubby’s support), watched some celebrity Bake-off re-runs, tidied and chilled out.

I am grateful for – quality time with hubby and yummy food!

No. of steps – 13,564

Today’s Yoga practice Day 5 of 30 Days of Yoga – Feel Alive Flow (16 minutes)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Early night and time with hubby

Bedtime – 9.30pm

Week in the Life - Monday (other)

Week in the Life – Tuesday

Theme for the Day – Back to School/Normal Routine after the long weekend

Weather – High of 26 / Low of 11 / Sunny & Still

Wake up – 6.55am

Week in the Life - Tuesday (food)

Breakfast – a slice of seeded toast with butter and a hard boiled egg plus an apple (my current favourite variety – jazz)

Lunch – Leftover coconut & butternut squash dahl with cooked chicken and side salad.

Dinner – Steak with cauliflower rice (with red onion, ginger & garlic), broccoli and carrots

Week in the Life - Tuesday (activities)

What I did – School drop off & pick up, a walk, blogging (mostly prepping this post), potting up houseplants and herbs, deep cleaning and decluttering kitchen windowsill, spellings & reading with my son, clearing out my clothes drawers, hubby went to running club.

I am grateful for – Ice-creams for afternoon tea all together

No. of steps – 7.922

Today’s Yoga practiceDay 15 of True – Believe (18 minutes)

Today’s Self Nurturing Activity – Early bed and book (Big Magic)

Bedtime – 9.45pm

Week in the Life - Tuesday (moments)


So there’s a peek into my Week in the Life for Monday and Tuesday.

So far I’ve taken a fair few photos. I imagine I will take less as the week goes on. Some of the details I capture seem so mundane at the time but my previous attempts at this project have highlighted how much our daily routines can change over time and I love being able to capture right now in this moment.

Are you playing along with Week in the Life? If so, do let me know. I’ll be back in a couple of days with another update on this project.

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