Week in the Life: Monday 11th May

Hello! This week I am taking part in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life project. In this post I’m sharing how Monday 11th May looked for us…

Week in the Life: Monday 11th May

Week in the Life: Monday 11th May - Morning photos

Theme for the Day – Need More Sleep!

Weather – High of 11 / Low of 2 / Windy

Wake up – 6.50am to let the doggo out. Tried to go back to sleep after but no joy!

Breakfast – Coco Pops! Not my usual choice – Hubby bought me some mini boxes with the last big shop.

Lunch – A “picnic” plate (most of our Lockdown lunches follow a similar theme). Today we had Chicken poppers, crackers with cheese, carrot and cucumber sticks and a few tortilla chips. Followed by Jaffa Cakes.

Dinner – Steak, Hash Browns and a side salad followed by a strawberry cone

Snacks – Apple, Banana and chocolate!

Week in the Life: Monday - Food photos
What happened – Morning
  • I stayed up way too late last night finishing a book. This resulted in around 6 hours sleep – not enough!
  • The dog thundered down the stairs about 6.50am so I got up to let him out.
  • Back upstairs and into bed to try and sneak in some more sleep but it didn’t happen!
  • Listened to music and tried to take fun photos while prepping breakfast.
  • Husband started work for the day upstairs in the office (box room).
  • Left the kiddo finishing his crumpets and watching SpongeBob to head back upstairs to write my Morning Pages.
  • We did a Joe Wickes workout.
  • Planned out our “school day” using our post-it note chart.
  • Checked the School class pages – the kiddo did an arithmetic test and sent it off to his teacher.
  • We set up some new spellings for the new week.
  • Had a break with some snacks followed by a 25 min blustery dog walk around the block.
  • Had a go at a Science experiment – today we made a DIY Lava Lamp – it was good fun.
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • Stopped for lunch – hubby came downstairs and we snuck in a little Race Across the World while we ate.
  • Back to school/work – the kiddo read to me and then he wrote a letter to a friend for writing practice.
  • Declared school done for the day which means FREE time!
  • I headed upstairs to grab a shower.
  • I laid on the bed following the shower and faffed around on my phone.
  • Thought a lot about napping but various interruptions and requests for snacks and cuddles (boy and dog) didn’t allow for it.
  • Finally found enough energy 2 hours later to head back downstairs.
  • Washed up and tidied the kitchen.
  • Started work on this blog post while the boys played on the x-box.
  • Dinner was a joint effort between the hubby and I (I did the salad).
  • We watched an episode of Richard Osman’s House of Games and then the boys took the doggo for his 2nd walk while I carried on with this post.
  • The boy headed upstairs and hubby read to him for a while.
  • We watched a bit more Race Across the World, let the dog out and headed to bed.
Week in the Life: Monday 11th May - Home Learning photos
I am grateful for –
  1. Slow starts with no school runs
  2. A windy walk to blow the cobwebs away
  3. The enthusiasm and ideas this project brings

No. of steps – 4,428k – that’s quite low (even for lockdown) – I did forget to put it on first thing and missed some of the workout steps.

Bedtime – 9.45pm

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • My enthusiasm ran high today (even after a lousy sleep) – I took lots of photos and a fair few notes.
  • I started a video montage using the 1 Second Everyday app (in Freestyle mode) – not sure if I will keep this up all week but it’s good to have one day done. This features the kiddo so won’t be shared publicly.
  • I also want to create a scrapbook-style album of the week so have done some planning for that. I’ve found a 6×8 album from years ago and have ordered some extra inserts.
  • I want to make sure I tell the story of our dining table – in this season of our lives it serves MANY functions! Currently it’s being used for learning at home, all aspects of sewing, storage, games, video calls and collecting clutter!


So that was my Week in the Life: Monday.

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