Week in the Life: Saturday 16th May

It’s the weekend and time for sharing Week in the Life: Saturday. We are in the final stretch now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into a week of our life!

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Week in the Life: Saturday 16th May

Theme for the Day – Family Day

Weather – Partly Cloudy – High of 16 – Low of 5

Wake up – 6.30am to let the dog out then 10am! (That’s late even for me!)

Week in the Life: Saturday - food photos

Breakfast – Home baked Pain au Chocolate (from a tin) with apple, strawberry and blueberries

Lunch – The usual picnic plate. Today withy mini scotch eggs, chicken tender things, ham, cheese, veggies and pickles

Dinner – Burger with cheese, gherkin and burger sauce in brioche bun with a massive salad – it was delicious!

Snacks – We had a go at making Rice Krispie Marshmallow squares and tried them

What happened – Morning
  • Heard the dog clatter down the stairs at 6.30am so followed him down to let him out
  • Went back to bed and the next thing I knew it was 10am!
  • Hubby won many points for bringing me breakfast in bed! The kiddo and doggo came up for a chat too!
  • I worked on some Secret Squirrel plans for a certain someone’s upcoming birthday
  • And edited Friday’s video snippets for my IG stories
  • Came downstairs to find the boys playing Minecraft. I got a tour of their pier complete with roller-coaster, amusement arcades, bar and food stalls! My favourite part was the rainbow floor in the amusement arcade!
  • Got Friday’s blog post finished and published
  • Put together a playlist for a potential guest quiz round
  • Had a later lunch – around 1.45pm after the late start
Week in the Life: Saturday Screens
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • Had a go at making Rice Krispie Marshmallow Squares – the marshmallow took a while to melt
  • Headed out for an hour-long family walk – heading up to see the swans again and then beyond
  • Home to try the marshmallow squares – not as good as Mars Bar Slice but a nice treat
  • I prepped dinner while hubby tackled the washing up
  • After dinner the kiddo brought out his electronic kit and the boys had a play with that and then a board game
  • I watched the latest episode of the Sewing Bee and marvelled at the sewing skills
  • Listened to hubby read some Terry Pratchett to the kiddo
  • Organised photos for this project
  • Had a go at the Normal People series that seems to be doing the rounds – watched 2 and a bit episodes
  • Took the dog out about 10.05pm and it took him until almost 10.30pm to finish his business! Luckily my phone had a tiny bit of charge left so I read a Kindle book outside while I waited!
  • Headed up to bed
Week in the Life: Saturday - photos from outside
I am grateful for –
  1. A long family walk in the afternoon
  2. Lazy, chilled weekend days
  3. Burgers for dinner – a family favourite

No. of steps – 7,240

Bedtime – About 10.50pm I think

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • I’m taking less photos each day but that’s okay. I still feel like I’m capturing the flavour of life right now
  • Eager to get the project finished and have a scrapbook completed!


Week in the Life: Saturday – DONE! Only one more day to go…

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