Week in the Life: Sunday 17th May

We’ve reached the final day! It’s time to share snippets from a Week in the Life: Sunday.

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Week in the Life: Sunday 17th May

Theme for the Day – The slowest, laziest one yet!

Weather – Sunny – High of 21 – Low of 8

Wake up – Around 8am (my note-taking with details has slowed as the week has gone on!)

Breakfast – Cereal (some kind of multigrain thing, not coco pops – boo!) with milk, apple and pear

Lunch – A variation on yesterday’s picnic plate using up things we had in the fridge. The husband put it all together

Dinner – we ended up ordering in pizza – naughty but nice!

Snacks – Some of yesterday’s Rice Krispie Marshmallow squares

Week in the Life: Sunday - a doggo and his toys
What happened – Morning
  • I think it’s fair to say I’ve been throughly enjoying the slow starts lately and today was no different
  • The boys had had a bit of a tidy up before I got downstairs so I continued on after breakfast
  • Took down the Union Jack bunting from VE Day and put up some floral bunting my Mum gave me instead for a nice summery feel
  • Sorted out a basket for Reggie’s toys and he proceeded to get them all out and play with them!
  • Hubby headed off for a 10 mile run in lieu of the 10 mile race he’d been signed up for today (cancelled due to lockdown)
  • The kiddo and I dug out an old bingo set and had a practice before the weekly family zoom (where bingo was planned!)
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • We had lunch when hubby got home
  • He put up our new washing line – the old one snapped a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a pain drying things without the line (we have drying racks too but they aren’t that great on windy days!)
  • I grabbed a shower after lunch
  • We had the family zoom call and played some normal bingo and animal bingo (new to us and hilarious!)
  • Ended up ordering in pizza for dinner as we were feeling lazy
  • We took a walk round the big block after dinner
  • Whilst I was tidying the kitchen and the boys were upstairs the doggo destroyed one of his balls so there was quite a mess to clear up!
  • I sorted out some photos and video snippets
  • Watched a bit more Normal People – can’t decide if I like it or not – I’ve got to the point where I think I need to carry on to see what happens
  • Headed upstairs to bed
Week in the Life: Sunday - seen on our walk
I am grateful for –
  1. Watching the dog play with his toys – he seems like a puppy at times
  2. We finally cleared off all the clutter that had accumulated on one of our chairs – yay for space to spread out again
  3. An evening walk with my loves

No. of steps – 4,758

Bedtime – Just about 10pm I think

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • I definitely ran out of steam today. I forgot to photograph breakfast and lunch!
  • But still managed to capture our slow, lazy Sunday
  • Feeling pleased that I managed to document the whole week
  • Now to order the prints and get the scrapbook complete – I think I’ll set myself a deadline of the end of May to call it done (as long as the prints arrive in time!)


And that was the final day of our Week in the Life: Sunday.

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