Week in the Life: Thursday 14th May

Welcome to a Week in the Life: Thursday edition. Today I am sharing photos and stories from yesterday.

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Week in the Life: Thursday 14th May

Theme for the Day – Visiting Nanny!

Weather – Partly Cloudy – High of 12 – Low of 1

Wake up – 3am (kiddo had a nosebleed!) then a restless sleep until around 8am

Breakfast – Greek yoghurt, strawberries & pear (yay for fresh fruit!) and the last dollop of Tiptree Salted Caramel spread (whatever will I do tomorrow?!)

Lunch – A roll with ham, cheese and piccalily, cucumber sticks, tortilla chips and a piece of mars slice

Dinner – Lamb shank in mint gravy with kumara (sweet potato), carrot and brocolli

Snacks – Rice Cakes and a sneaky Twirl

Week in the Life: Thursday - a look at our morning jobs
What happened – Morning
  • After writing my morning pages I updated my video clips from yesterday
  • Then downstairs for brekkie and finishing Wednesday’s blog
  • Started school work with Maths
  • Tried a new Joe Wickes workout – the kiddo lasted for most of it and moved onto spellings while I finished
  • Break time – we sorted out laundry – folding up dry stuff and hanging up the dogs blankets that had been washed
  • I took the doggo out for a walk. We saw a dead rat and the swans were back at their nest today with 3 cygnets (yay! When we didn’t see them for a couple of days I was getting worried)
  • Home to see how the kiddo had got on with online work then he looked up a Cookie Jar Alarm as electricity is a current topic
  • I time-lapsed making lunch which was fun
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • Hubby came downstairs for lunch. We chatted and I caught up on Formula 1 news (side note – we are both big fans and have missed not watching it this year. There’s been a lot of announcements of team/driver changes happening this week ready for 2021)
  • Kiddo wrote up details of the Cookie Jar Alarm and did some reading while I grabbed a shower
  • A neighbour knocked on the door about arranging to have the windows cleaned. Had a quick chat with her and then the prospective window cleaner (from a distance!)
  • The kiddo and I headed out in the car. This was the first time the kiddo had been in the car since mid May!
Week in the Life: Thursday - visiting Nan!
  • We went to my Mum’s. She’s currently isolating for 12 weeks so we made plans to visit on a decent day so we could chat to her from the garden
  • Felt really emotional that this was the first time my son and mum had seen each other in person since early March!
  • Headed home when the sun went in and it got chilly
  • Worked on this blog post and then dinner while the boys x-boxed (it’s become part of the routine during lockdown – a symbol that the working day is done!)
  • Ate dinner then watched a little bit of Taskmaster then the boys took the dog out
  • I caught up on some What’s App conversations and sent some replies
  • Banged our drum and rang our cowbell for the NHS (this has been happening weekly at 8pm on a Thursday. Quite a few from our street come out and we can hear the neighbouring streets too)
  • Video-called our friends to make a team for the Virtual Pub Quiz
  • Cracked open a Malibu cocktail in a tin (and on a school night! Shocking!)
  • Got a very respectable score of 40/50
  • Time to get everyone to bed
Week in the Life: Thursday - Evening Photos
I am grateful for –
  1. The excitement and delight of my Mum and son seeing each other after 2 months
  2. A fun Joe Wickes workout this morning which gave me lots of energy to get through the day
  3. The Quiz with our friends

No. of steps – 7,901

Bedtime – 9.50pm

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • Note to self – I want to capture some facts and news about the pandemic and lockdown rules to add to the scrapbook
  • Love documenting things like the swans and waiting to see the baby cygnets (which usually happens each year since we’ve lived near the river)


So that was a peek into my Week in the Life: Thursday. Back with Friday soon!

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