Week in the Life: Tuesday 12th May

Welcome to Week in the Life: Tuesday. This week I am taking part in Ali Edwards’ documentation project where I document our lives through photos, videos and stories.

If you haven’t seen Monday you can find that here.

In this post I’m sharing how yesterday looked for us…

Week in the Life: Tuesday 12th May

Week in the Life - Tuesday - a collection of photos featuring Hands

Theme for the Day – Double Dog Walk Day!

Weather –Sunny then Cloudy – High of 14 – Low of 4

Wake up – 6.30am with the dog. Back to sleep until 8.20am

Breakfast – Greek yoghurt, apple slices and a dollop of Tiptree Salted Caramel spread

Lunch – Another “picnic” plate. This one included Cheese Savoury Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, crackers with pate, carrot and cucumber sticks and some wotsits

Dinner – Americano pizza, salad and halloumi fries followed by Mars Bar Slice for dessert

Snacks – Rice cakes

What happened – Morning
Week in the Life: Tuesday - Morning Dog Walk
  • The dog woke me early but the husband ended up taking him downstairs to let him out so I went back to bed
  • Woke around 820am (that would be LATE usually but is becoming more regular during lockdown – going back to school runs will be hard!)
  • Wrote my morning pages
  • Came down to sort breakfast – the kiddo had his second breakfast
  • Got stuck into home learning – messaged the teacher, made a plan and got on with some Maths
  • The kiddo convinced me to do a workout and it felt great once we did it
  • During morning break I took the dog for a walk (about 40 minutes). I let him decide where to go so we ended up walking round the city centre and back down the high street. There were a lot more people compared to a couple of weeks ago
  • Back home to help the kiddo finish his writing – he wrote a review of The BFG which he finished reading last night
  • I prepped lunch and the husband came down from a long morning of work calls to eat with us
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
Week in the Life: Tuesday - Mars Bar Slice Baking
  • We got back into some school work after lunch – a comprehension exercise set by the teacher which included some reading
  • I tidied the kitchen, washed up and mopped the floor
  • I headed out to a weekly appointment – I’m a volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust and walk an elderly person’s dog
  • The roads felt busier (they have gradually been getting busier each week that I’ve gone throughout lockdown)
  • Had a chat with the owner (from the porch keeping my distance) and then walked Ruby for around 35 minutes
  • Came home and got straight into making Mars Bar Slice
  • Started work on this post
  • Had dinner going in the background
  • Ate dinner and watched a House of Games
  • The boys took the doggo for his evening walk and I watched last week’s Sewing Bee
  • Kiddo went to bed and we watched a bit of TV (we’ve almost finished series 1 of Race Around the World)
I am grateful for –
  1. Getting back to sleep after an early start with the dog
  2. 2 doggo walks – it’s felt like a luxury to get out twice in one day during lockdown!
  3. A decent sleep last night – feeling brighter today

No. of steps – 8,534 – much better – the 2 doggo walks helps!

Bedtime – 9.30pm – I read for a while. My current bedtime read is Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and it’s fascinating.

Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • I enjoyed trying some interesting angles for photos today – from the kitchen cupboard and setting the phone down on the floor on self timer during our walk
  • I like looking for themes through the photos to create the mosaics for these posts
  • For my scrapbook album – I need to find an app to make 6×4 mosaics so I can get some photos sorted ready to print – I think the key will be getting as much done during this week as I can


So that was my Week in the Life: Tuesday. I’ll be back soon with stories and photos from the rest of the week. .

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