Week in the Life: Wednesday 13th May

It’s time to share some photos and stories from a Week in the Life: Wednesday.

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And Tuesday is here.

In this post I’m sharing what happened on Wednesday…

Week in the Life: Wednesday 13th May

Theme for the Day – Taking it Slowly

Weather – Mostly Cloudy – High of 12 – Low of 2

Wake up – Properly at around 8.15am but a few wake up’s due to husband, dog and child before then

Breakfast – Same as yesterday (my breakfasts and lunches tend to stay quite similar) Greek yoghurt, apple slices and a dollop of Tiptree Salted Caramel spread

Lunch – Poached egg, bacon, hash brown and some sourdough toast

Dinner – Fresh pasta, garlic bread and broccolli

Snacks – Mars Bar Slice

Week in the Life: Wednesday - food we ate
What happened – Morning
  • A decent sleep last night – yay! But a slow start. I heard the dog, the husband and the kiddo get up but dozed a little longer
  • The husband’s work day started early with calls starting at 7am
  • Once the first batch of calls were done – the husband headed out for a run
  • I wrote my morning pages then headed downstairs to grab breakfast then tidied the kitchen
  • We got started with school work – maths, spellings and reading plus replying to messages on the school system
  • I managed to get Tuesday’s post finished and published at break time
  • Some more school work – some of which involved the dog stepping all over the times table practice we were doing!
  • Starting to prep lunch so hubby had time to eat between lunchtime calls
Week in the Life: Wednesday - featuring people
What happened – Afternoon/Evening
  • I got dressed after lunch (Yes, I spent all morning in my pyjamas! – a definite benefit of lockdown)
  • Laid on the bed and contemplated life for a while until the dog decided enough was enough
  • I took the dog for a walk – let him lead the way again. It was very windy and there were lots of leaves & branches down along by the river
  • I collated a shopping list as we were running low on fresh foods like fruit, vegetables, bread etc
  • Found out I won a Body Shop voucher in my lovely friends raffle and had a quick look at the catalogue to see what I’d like
  • Finally stopped procrastinating and went to LIDL (local supermarket)
  • Surprised to find NO queue at LIDL – it was reasonably quiet once I was inside
  • Sighed every time someone got too close
  • Managed to pick up nearly everything on the list/that we needed
  • Realised once I got home and we’d put everything away that I’d taken no photos of the whole shopping experience! Oooops!
  • Headed upstairs to chill out & work on this post while the boys played the xbox
  • Time for dinner
  • Then the weekly excitement of putting the bins out! – The boys did it this week and then walked the dog
  • I watched the end of a Call the Midwife I started a few days ago
  • Kiddo went to bed and we watched the final episode of series 1 of Race Across the World – absolutely loved it and would recommend!
  • Let the dog out one last time and then up to bed
I am grateful for –
  1. No queue to get into LIDL
  2. Winning the Body Shop voucher
  3. Being able to take it slowly when I need to

No. of steps – 4,419

Bedtime – 10.15pm

Week in the Life: Wednesday - our dog Reggie
Notes & Observations about the WITL project –
  • 3 days in and I’m reminded why I love this project. As well as being able to document life right now it also provides me with an alternative lens to look at our daily life. I am able to see things that have changed over time.
  • So disappointed to miss out on photos from shopping and capturing the social distancing aspect of life right now but I was focused on getting in and out as efficiently as I could!


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my Week in the Life: Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ll be over half way!

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