A Word of the Year Update (Curiosity)

Back at the start of the year I shared my chosen word/theme for the year. My chosen word is CURIOSITY. And now it’s time for a word of the year update.

I talked about why I chose CURIOSITY and what it means to me in this post. So how’s it going?…

Curiosity - a Word of the Year Update. Pin with an image of colourful alphabet magnets. A hand is pointing at a question mark shape.

A Word of the Year Update

Good things it’s led me to
  • Seasonal journals – I created Spring Goodness as a practice run and then Love Summer to sell in my etsy shop. An Autumn version will be coming soon!
  • Creating my etsy shop – trying not to get to hung up on what’s right and just experiment
  • Looking at nutrition and wellbeing from a curious perspective to try and lessen my all-or-nothing mentality
  • Getting back into sewing and making new things – I took a Learn to Sew course Autumn 2019 and loved finally being able to use a sewing machine. Over lockdown with a focus on home learning and not having enough space for sewing it fell by the wayside but I’m gradually getting back to it now
  • Trying different planning methods – it’s good to try new things but in this case I realised bullet journalling really suits me and I started a new bujo last month (I’ve previously blogged about bullet journalling here and here).
  • I’m more aware of the word Curiosity and tend to notice when it comes up in conversation or discussion – it helps me tune in and learn more about curiosity!
Any negatives?

I do wonder if I use the excuse of curiosity to keep exploring new things rather than cracking on with existing hobbies. And if sometimes it lessens my focus?

But all in all I think it’s been a great word for me and I am glad I chose it.

Plans for curiosity for the rest of the year

I want to continue to use it as a lens and theme for the year. Something that I think about when new opportunities arise and also when issues and challenges come up in daily life… looking at things from a point of view of curiosity rather than judgement helps me to be more open minded about how I deal with problems. At least that’s what I hope!


Did you pick a word for 2021? If so – how’s it going? Has it had an impact on your life?

Curiosity - a Word of the Year Update. Pin with an image of a dog sticking his head in a gap under an old looking wooden door.